35 Short Bob Hairstyles 2019 for Women

Discover this cup that you can adopt the summer come to avoid sweat briskly of the back. And yes, maybe it will give you an air of Dua Lipa.

It starts to be hot but hot, the type of big heat that sweats between the buttocks and it’s the same fight for everyone, whether you live in Beverly Hills.

As ultimate trick, the stars have adopted the square, precisely the bob blunt.

The blunt bob or square right: sometimes beauty lies in simplicity

The blunt bob is not very complicated is a square right , cut at the jaw, with little or no gradient. It is smooth but also wavy: it’s the square wavy (is not to say: in hairdressing everything is much more stylish in English).

The blunt bob , at home it’s possible (but in a pro is better)

It is possible to make you a bob blunt at home (at your own risk). You’ll just need a good pair of HAIR CUTTING scissors (well sharpened), an elastic band, a wall or floor mirror and a hand mirror.

Now you just have to follow the following steps:

  • You make a ponytail by placing the elastic where you want to cut your hair.
  • Back to the mirror in the foot, you check with your hand mirror that the elastic is straight .
  • You hold your ponytail with one hand and you cut your hair BELOW the ELASTIC , with the other hand.

Tip of a draw: It’s much easier and faster with a small mower  !

Trick tip: It also works with  a bikini trimmer! It’s easy to buy in a supermarket and if you’re not passionate about hairdressing, that’s the job.

Preferably a new mower that you will keep just to cut your hair and that will never touch your fleece (gold).

Personally I do not venture to cut anything other than spikes because I know for sure that hair experiences that go wrong are frustrating.

If you do not feel it , give up and go to the pro whose job it is.

So did I make you want to cut your hair and adopt the blunt bob or cut even shorter?