43 Cool Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles to Try

Box braids, what is it?

Box braids are a style of African braid  very popular with afro hair girls because it allows them to preserve their hair during regrowth.

This protective hairstyle consists of making braids with three regular branches all over the head, often on the basis  of hair extensions . They are not necessarily plated in the skull. The classic box braids are in the end like loose hair, but braided in a more or less thick way.

Result: a hairstyle that strengthens the hair while being at the heart of the trend. And for good reason, type “box braids” on Pinterest and you will not know where to turn. Box braids loose on a nice square, braids box braun bun hats or high ponytail , everything is allowed with these braids African cannon!

The most beautiful box braids on short square

When one thinks of box braids, one immediately imagines the fine and ultra long braids of Beyoncé in Lemonade, where the long box braids of the beautiful Zoe Kravitz.

Yet, it is quite possible to wear box braids on a short square . As long as the hair is long enough to be braided, box braids are possible.

The main trend on this type of length is to adorn his box braids hair piercings (the famous hair rings trend or #HairMetal). It gives a chic hippy chic side to perfection.

For a look a little more punk-rock, we can choose platinum blonde or bleach box.