50 Stunning Bob Hairstyle Inspirations That Will Give You a Glammed Up Look

If you like short hairstyles, you will inevitably fall for the newcomer to the beauty sphere: the blunt bob. This short square, very strict, is essential as the hairstyle trend to adopt this summer.

In beauty, the trend is squared. Long square, short square, square blur , square gradient, the favorite cup of celebrities appear on all heads. A new variation has just made its appearance: the blunt bob. Literally, we could translate it as a straight cut, very straight.

What is the blunt bob?

The bob blunt is a short square. Even very short. To give this effect a little strict, it is generally worn just below the ears.

However, that’s not why it’s boring. Depending on how you wear it, the blunt bob can take on modern, bohemian or rockier looks. It is adopted with a fringe , a line in the middle, or a small light wick on the side.

Blunt bob: for whom?

Good news, the bob blunt suits everyone. In summer, we love it with slightly wavy or creased lengths. This is also the perfect cut for fine hair , which can find a little volume and material. But the short square is also worn on thick hair , since the straight and straight cut can not add any volume.

Whether you have smooth hair, wavy and even curly, the blunt bob will sublimate your hair. Ditto for your face, be it round, oval, elongated or square.

So, ready to make an appointment with the hairdresser? If you lack inspiration, here are the most beautiful blunt bobs spotted on Pinterest.