51 Best Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2019

We could translate “blunt bob” square net, sliced, accurate, in short, all there is more right in terms of haircuts.

The bob blunt is indeed opposed to the degraded square , on which we come to work the lengths to texturize the material and give the cup a blurry, bohemian effect. Not that on a blunt bob!

Who says bob blunt also says  short cut . Not only is this square straight, but it usually cuts just below the ears.

Strict, the bob blunt? Not necessarily ! It all depends on how it is worn.

Blunt bob, the trendy cut of the 90s

In fact, this trendy cut for short hair  is not new. The blunt bob  was already in vogue in the 90s.

It was Natalie Portman who, at the height of her 11 years at the time, was an ambassador for the cup through the role of Matilda in Léon  de Luc Besson.

So much so that the blunt bob with fringe , popular at the time, ended up being called “Cup Matilda”. The actress also succumbed a second time in 2004 for the blunt bob in the film Closer, between consenting adults . In flashy pink version , nevertheless.

Cameron Diaz also wore an iconic bob blunt in Mary at all costs , in 1998.

As for Anna Wintour, emblematic figure of the blunt bob, she already wore it at the time and has not left since.

Blunt bob bob, who’s it for?

Good news: this short haircut is suitable for all types of hair.

Not surprisingly, choosing  blunt bob on fine hair  is particularly advisable, because this kind of cut can give all the outfit that may be lacking fine hair.

That said, a bob blunt also works great on thick hair because cutting straight does not add volume. On the contrary, it structures the cup.

Regarding face shapes, know that with the blunt bob, anything is allowed (or almost)!

As always, the oval faces are very flattered by the bob blunt. But the square faces are not left out, the proof with Lucy Hale !

The blunt bob on a square face even gives a particularly trendy look, in the androgynous style.

On a round face, however, attention danger! Cutting under the ears on a round face tends to round off the angles even more, which is not really advisable.

How to wear the short bob blunt haircut?

In its most classic version, the bob blunt is ultra smooth, to emphasize the sharpness of the cut. Of course, wearing the bob blunt in this way gives a rather sharp, if not strict, look.

But the proliferation of this square runs nineties style was accompanied by a small revolution ” blunt bobesque ” (go, we dare!): The blunt curled bob.

As you know, the beauty sphere  glorifies the  wavy square . This is the reason why we see so many girls wearing a bob blunt certainly right, but sublimated by delicate waves waves waves.

Another option: pimper its very short square with a nice bang! Straight like Taylor Swift, for example, or in asymmetrical fringe or curtain fringe, it’s up to you.

Will you be able to resist the charm of the blunt bob?