51 Pixie Haircuts You’ll See Trending in 2019

High and short! Is the impulse to the boyish cuts ? This is in any case what let think celebrities, more numerous than ever to wear the Pixie Cut. There are those who have always more or less reach, like Ellen DeGeneres , Pink or Florence Foresti and those who succumbed on a whim.

Once a subscriber to long hair, Scarlett Johansson has tested, approved and then kept this famous Pixie Cut. Katy Perry does not get rid of it anymore and Michelle Williams is addict. Last to be passed in the Pixie Cut clan? Cardi B.

The singer caused a sensation on the red carpet of MTV MVAs by abandoning its lengths for this ultra short cut. Between the vintage baby doll and the no-gender look, this cut is reminiscent of the model Twiggy who had made his signature in the sixties.