53 Box Braids Hairstyles That Rock

The sophisticates the lengths and gives them a romantic touch.

Here are different ways to wear it, to choose according to your style.

the texture and the length of your hair. Follow the guide !

I have long, thick hair. This is the ideal case. To you braided crowns and braids , braids worn on one shoulder or at the back of the head … You can also make thinner mats, within your hair, to get a bohemian look very glamorous. The trend not to miss this season? The “boxer braids” (or boxer braids).

Separate your hair by drawing a line in the center of the skull and then make two braids glued to each side of the line. This hairstyle will be even more beautiful on hair highlights, a tie and dye or a sweep.

I have fine hair . Opt for loose and fuzzy braids that give the illusion of a larger material. To enhance this effect, apply dry shampoo and texturizing powder to the roots and lengths. You can also slightly crimp your hair to give them an ultra-romantic crinkle effect. Another option to boost the volume of her hair: cheat with some hair extensions .

I have mid-length hair or a square . Adopt Sienna Miller’s favorite hairstyle (find on our slide!). The pretty blonde wears very often on the red carpets two braids glued on each side of her line, crown way, with the rest of her loose hair.