55 Beautiful and Convenient Medium Bob Hairstyles

It can not be repeated enough, bob is one of the most versatile looks ever. We wear with style the French “bob”, a classic that gives your appearance a little je-ne-sais-quoi. So, it’s simple!

Here is “bob”

Despite its unpretentious name, the “bob” remains undoubtedly an iconic cup crossing generations , countries and trends. It’s a style that does not go out of style, it’s always in the wind and the good news is that it fits in with most face shapes, because there are many ways to carry. How to know what kind of “bob” to choose? Thanks to the Style My Hair simulator, we can discover exactly the style of cut that suits us!

The frenchy look

Our knowledgeable about French looks and hair care. The French are proud, they like to look good at all times and it even looks like they always have a personal hairdresser at hand! So we take them as an example and we offer a metamorphosis to the French, by the pros.

Here is a tip directly from Paris: it is better to do less when it comes to French style, so we go with ease and we adopt the short hair for a great look with the range of hair care without rinsingPro Fiber by us. Wet her hair and dry it with a towel for a perfect finish in no time. It is clear, we are hot!