56 Easy Braided Hairstyles

Box braids in braided bun

Tied to the front of the head, the braids form a voluminous chignon perfect for an evening look. The glamorous touch: mix plum, caramel and brown locks.

Box braids in side hair

Placed on the shoulder and knotted together, the box braids form an elegant hairstyle and so very simple to perform on long hair or medium length.

The box braids way bun

Wrap your braids on the top of the head to form a bulky chignon. We love this graphic side that highlights the wearing of head and facial features. An irresistible hairstyle with a pretty red mouth.

The box braids accessorized

These small hair jewelry give an ethnic side to the box braids. Place them on a few strands, especially those around the face.

Box braids

Tie some of your braids to the back of your head to create a tie or a small bun. Let the rest of the hair fall on your shoulders. The little extra: add a colorful accessory on the clip.

The colorful box braids

Box braids are perfect for those who like to play with the color of their hair. Colorful, pink, green or blue tie and dye are trendy and add a touch of summer to your look.

The blurry box braids

Carelessly attached to the top of the head, the box braids have this effect capped / disheveled trend.

Box braids with a scarf

Tie a scarf all around your head leaving your box braids detached. You get a chic ethnic hairstyle perfect for spring / summer.

The ultra long box braids

Long and thick, the braids give a romantic side to the hair and allow you to make all the hairstyles of your choice. Here, the hair is simply tied at the back of the head to clear the face.

Braided box braids

Make a maxi braid with all or part of your box braids. Place the hair on one shoulder or the back of the head. An express hairstyle to wear on all occasions.