58 Bob hairstyles for 2019

Want to switch to a more stylized version of the cut squared? The “bob” is all right. Focus on this trendy haircut already adopted by celebrities.

The “bob” is a variant of the square stricto sensu since it is more restructured, can be slightly wavy and can bring volume to the hair.

In ruffled version like the top Jourdan Dunn, smooth and notched version like Coco Rocha or long version like Karlie Kloss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who twists it with a few lighter strands, the bob adapts to many morphologies.

The square bob, who is it for?

Short, long, smooth, wavy … These criteria are to be taken into consideration so that the bob adapts perfectly to the shape of the face.

The short version is suitable for those with a slightly square face and the longer and more degraded version is more suitable for thinner faces.

If you have fine hair, better to opt for the version wavy, which allows to give a little volume. On the other hand, one avoids on a round face (who must opt ​​for the smooth version).

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