61 Totally Chic And Colorful Box Braids Hairstyles To Wear!

The chic waterfall braid

The waterfall braid is both chic and romantic. Easy to do, it is equally suitable for a night out with friends or a professional lunch. Prepare your hair first before going to the weaving stage : spray a little hairspray on your hair, then with a comb , take a thick wick at the front. Start braiding by dropping the first bit to take a new one, and so on going around the head. Finally, depending on your length , join the opposite ear or finish your braid by making a loose mat. Spray a fixing product and you’re done!

The timeless African braid

If you still do not know this famous hairstyle , follow the guide! At first, start by combing your lengths . Then take three strands of equal length in the front of your head. Take the right lock and bring it back to the center. Ditto for the left wick. Proceed again in the same way by taking a wick on the left side to link it to the right wick. Do the same thing on the other side and so on. When all the hair is tied to the mat, finish by simply doing a classic braid.