62 Best Pixie Cuts 

We love this feminine and modern haircut that brings some pep to the face! Boy, rock, glamor or blurry…Get inspired by our selection of shots.

This very trendy short cut has the particularity of being longer on the top of the head and rather short on the sides and back. Very degraded, it brings a lot of movement to the hair but also the volume to the fine capillary materials.

It can be boyish, rock, fuzzy but also more glamorous and sexy. It depends on how the hair is textured and the intensity of the gradient.

Our advice to enhance your cut pixie ? Illuminate the wicks of the top of the head with a sweep or fading to create a contrast with the sides and highlight the reliefs of your cut. Also think of playing with styling products: a wax for a lustrous effect, a dry shampoo for more volume, a spray salon for a wavy effect …