63 Flattering Bob Hairstyles on Older Women

No more structured squares and well-controlled haircuts! It’s time to adopt a new hyper-glamorous hairstyle in keeping with the 2019 trends. And what better than Bob “Bob”! Bob Bob is the trendy hairstyle that has been ravaging the big podiums for quite some time.

Chic, fresh, easy to maintain, the “Bob” Bob cut will help you change your hairstyle in no time at all. In addition, the faux square has many other advantages: unlike hairstyles too elaborate, it metamorphoses very quickly in casual hairstyle for casual outings. And for special occasions, it takes on the air of an ultra chic and glamorous hairstyle! The proof in pictures.

Bob “bob” – the big must-hairstyle trends 2019

Do you dream of a chic, trendy and glamorous hairstyle? So, you have to go for Bob Bob! For those of you who do not know very well this beautiful haircut, we will briefly present its great assets.

Bob “Bob” – discover many variations adopted by movie stars!

Bob Bob is a haircut that just sublimates your look, no matter what your face looks like and what color your eyes look like. Very fashionable since the beginning of 2019, the false square Bob is sometimes smooth, sometimes slightly wavy. But that’s not all !

The bob cut Bob with fringe and casual blow-dry 

With a beautiful bangs, the cut square brings a touch of freshness to any summer outfit, while in its more worked version it magnifies the female silhouette in all its natural beauty. In addition, the faux square refines in the blink of an eye: you will no longer need to comb your hair for hours every day in front of the mirror.

Kate Hudson opted for a beautiful cut of the most natural!

What is the easiest way to showcase our blond hair? Well, that’s of course Bob Bob! If you want to be hot without taking your head every morning, we suggest you bet on the combination “false square & short fringe”, as the example below.

The faux square “Bob” adapts to all occasions, without exception!

Do you dream of having an ultra glamorous haircut, like Hollywood stars? Fall in love with actress Lucy Hale’s “Bob” Bob to adopt a hairstyle to die for! With a stripe on the side and a smooth blow-dry, this beautiful and elegant hairstyle is ideal for both an official occasion and going to the office!

Bob with side stripe and smooth brushing

The bob cut “Bob” comes in several versions that have even conquered the hearts of French stars. Short, semi-long, nonchalant or wavy, the “bob” stars is back in 2016. The proof with the image below: succumb to the charm of the faux square adopted by one of the biggest stars of the cinema – Daisy Ridley.

Fall for Daisy Ridley’s Bob!

Want to add to your look with a new trendy haircut? All you need is Bob Bob: an easy-to-make cut that will refresh your look while highlighting the features of your face. And for a more natural effect, we suggest you opt for Jennifer Lawrence’s ruffled square.