64 Wavy Bob Hairstyles That Look Gorgeous And Stunning

Say bye bye to the gradients, the trend is to hair spinning straight. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Cate Blanchett … They all adopted the “blunt cut” , this strict hairstyle with equalized spikes. Discover the 30 models of blunt cut that inspire us.

The blunt bob, the it hairstyle

This is the signature hairstyle of the fashion pope Anna Wintour . This strict square without any gradient on the horizon became in a few months the it hairstyle of the podiums and red carpets. Selena Gomez , Emma Stone, Taylor Swift , Bella Hadid , Kim Kardashian … Many have succumbed to the trend. Soon you?

Blunt cut + wavy = we say yes!

Who says blunt cut, does not necessarily mean straight hair. Our favorite hairstyle with an equalized cut: the wavy  ! These soft curls will give a less strict and bohemian side to your hairstyle. And for the mornings where you do not have the time to linger on a perfect blow-dry, it is perfect: a pressure of spray in salty water, a drying in the open air, and the turn is played!

The blunt cut on long hair too

The blunt cut we like with all the sauces, even on long hair. A long cut without gradation seems bland? You have not seen the pretty models of our slideshow. To twister the long cut and break the shapeless side, we dare the sweep that will give depth and movement to your hairstyle.

Minimalist trend

The blunt cut is part of a larger trend: the minimalist. In deco as in hairstyle, one wants to return to simple, effective and elegant things. We associate his “blunt cut” with a line in the middle, strict and classy. And if we really want a little more madness, we do as on the parades, we twists everything by daring the braided line: a mini braid that starts from the front and follows the line usually your line. Original and trendy!