65 Badass Box Braids Hairstyles That You Can Wear Year-Round

I have a lot of trouble managing my bunch: my loops flattens, I lose in volume and my hair breaks very easily, super huh?

The “box braids” have therefore presented themselves as THE solution to all my problems, at least for a few weeks. I will spare you the speech on the notion discussed (and questionable!) Of “protective hairstyle” (kept too long or too tight, braids can instead become destructive for your hair!), However I have no trouble to confess that there is clearly a hair glandeuse.

As much as it took 5 hours to achieve them, as much the daily time is really interesting: you get up and hop, you put on your hair . After, just show a little creativity to make a new head every day ( if you’re out of inspiration, my hairstyle end of article ideas will probably please! ).