66 Chic Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2019

While the trend of endless lengths had imposed itself, the short square is back in force. For the spring of 2019, the most courageous fashionistas succumb to the call of the scissors and opt for the blunt bob, a short cut where the layout is very straight and precise.

Who can wear the bob blunt? 
Everybody ! On a stiff hair or wavy mane, the bob blunt fits all types of hair and offers different renderings. If you wanted to opt for a very short cut, it’s the perfect compromise to be at the top of the jump from the bed while remaining stylish and natural. It is also perfect for the summer as it leaves the neck unobstructed.

The Blunt Bob is the latest version of the famous Bob, who has been squatting the head since 2016 and continues to fury in 2017. The blunt bob is a form of bob, in the sense that it is a very short square that s Just stop under the ears (the less adventurous will still let the hair down to below the jaw). In addition to the short hair aspect, we add here the fact that the layout must be straight and very precise . In short, the bob blunt is the opposite of the asymmetrical square or the plunging square.