67 Pixie Hairstyles and Haircuts in 2019

How to dry your pixie cut?

Short hair, we do not need to dry it. The goal is that after the shower you can simply wring a little hair with a towel, apply a care product or styling and leave them as they naturally hair. If, however, we absolutely want to use the dryer, it is done very quickly on almost dry hair by passing his hand in the hair at the same time to create a movement while ventilating the cut.

What are the tips for disciplining your pixie cut on awakening?

A short cut will not necessarily make a “crease” when you wake up, but if that happens, just moisten the area with moisturizing hair water or even a simple mist and let it dry. new. Two minutes is enough.

What styling products should you use to fix your locks?

It all depends on the nature of the hair and the desired result. We will first use a thickener if we have fine hair or smooth if we want to tame his undulations. Then, possibly a light wax to separate the hair. Beware of gels and lacquers, unless you really want to plaster or create a shell, because some products harden and then frozen too much this cut that is supposed to move. We then obtain a result that finally ruins this androgynous and natural side of the pixie. It’s no longer the blow-dry that makes the hairstyle today, it’s the product.

How to maintain your pixie cut in the long run?

It is true that in principle a short cut requires more maintenance than long hair. But no need to return to the hairdresser before two months. Today there are techniques that make it possible to create “long conservation cups”, evolving, which maintain their shape by repelling. We can then keep her hair up to four months without giving a scissors, even for hair that grow fast. Except of course for a really very short version.