67 Short Bob Hairstyles 2019 for Women

Easygoing, glamorous and chic, that’s why the long square will be on everyone’s head in 2019. You are told everything about this ultra-trendy haircut.

What is it

The “lob” (or contraction of the words “long” meaning “long” and “bob” meaning “square”) is a long square that is worn at shoulder height. Often oval, the cut is slightly degraded on the lengths and ends to bring more softness and lightness to the hair.

The trend this year? Wear the lob with the hairline well centered and wavy lengths . What accentuate the glamorous side of this cup and give it even more volume . Another option for a more sophisticated version: the lob with a short wick on the front of the face that softens the oval and boosts the intensity of the look.

Why we fall in love

Because this cut sublimates all forms of faces at all ages . At 20, she brings a sophisticated and chic side to the look. At age 40, she tends to rejuvenate traits . Neither too short nor too long, the hair is easy to get in the morning and can be styled in a multitude of ways: in ponytail, in a bun, braid or simply detached with beautiful ripples.