68 best ombre hair color ideas

Ombre hair: the most beautiful color gradients  and if we dared ombre hair? For some seasons now, this colorful gradient has seduced more than a stylish girl.

More subtle than the tie and dye (two colors with a clear demarcation), less classic than a scan (a lightening on the whole of the hair), this coloring is a perfect balance.

To have this beautiful result melted, the colorist applies little product at the mid-lengths and a lot of product at the tips. As in makeup, the important thing is the shading. The advantage of this hair trend?

It can be done on natural hair as well as on discolored hair. So a brunette can get a ombre hair with caramel lengths and blonde tips. But a discolored blonde can very well opt for a gradient from (fake) blond to blue. Everything is a matter of taste … and color.

Here are the 68 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas.