70 Best Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles 2019

Choosing your haircut according to the morphology of your face is always a good idea. Trends come and go, but your head stays there! If you are ready to dare the short cut, you will fall in love with the pixie cut … The proof in 70 photos.

Do you have a rather round face? The pixie cut will make it really cute and you will look like a goblin. You can opt for the short or very short version depending on the width of your forehead.

The pixie short cut highlights the face.

Do you know that the Japanese consider the neck as the most seductive part of the female body? And yes … This is why the short women’s haircut can look very feminine and sexy – it will show off your face and neck. In short, those who think that the short haircut is more masculine, are totally wrong.

The pixie cut is also often associated with rock and roll culture. To look beautiful and rebellious, we advise you to opt for a pixie cut with the sides shaved or very short. This pixie version looks a lot like the Undercut Cup.

Pixie cut coloring ideas: two-tone sweep, Californian sweep to bring more volume to her hair, purple or blue

Which color to choose? Our regular readers know very well that the natural look is fashionable. No more too aggressive colorations! Stay natural and beautiful as you are … In short, if you want what it is to radically change its hair color, ask your hairdresser or hairdresser what products are appropriate for you. We advise you to avoid very aggressive coloring products. You may damage your hair and make it dull.

Finally, if you have black or brown hair and you want to go blond, it is impossible not to use products a little aggressive for your hair. This is the fading price. If you really like it, go for it. We only live once !

Many women decide to color their blue or purple hair. If you like this idea, our advice is to dare it without hesitation. There is a Chinese proverb that says you always have to do what you want.