70 Bob Hairstyles: Modern Bob Haircuts For 2019


Contraction of “long bob” and long square, in French version, the lob is recognized by its length, 1 cm above the shoulders, no more and hardly less. The length is important because the shorter one returns to the bob and the longer your points risk of “rebiquer” …. Not terrible.

The lob is worn with or without fringe, to choose from, and is more suited to round or strong faces because it tends to refine the face. Fine or elongated faces abstain, he would dig your cheeks and give you a bad-looking side.

For Loris, what is important is to avoid the filthy and soft side of the lob. For this, it is necessary to destructure (cutting work with your hairdresser) and texturize (with seawater sprays for example) to have a light and airy hairstyle.