70 Braided Hairstyles for Winter 2018

Bohemian, romantic or chic, the braid remains timeless. Want to make an original in minutes? Whether you have long, short, thin or thick hair, follow our hyper easy tutorials.

A braid romantic crown

For an evening, a wedding or a birthday, why not make a crown braid? For a perfect result, start by separating your hair into two parts and attach the upper part. To bring volume and material if they are fine , do not hesitate to crimp your lengths . Then weave them at the base of the neck with three wicks . Position this classic braid on the side to create this famous crown . To fix it, use a few pins discreet. Repeat the operation on the other side. Once the two mats are positioned on the front, all you have to do is fix them together harmoniously. That’s it !

The braid bohemian ear

Very trendy, the braid ear is a hairstyle that is all the rage. It can easily be accustomed with a sophisticated headband or bar . To achieve it, start by giving a wild look to your lengths by creping them. Then separate your hair into two perfectly equal parts. You can then braid each with two strands (instead of three for ordinary braids). Little trick: you must isolate a wick belonging to one of the two strands in order to pass it in the opposite strand. For the braid to hold well, it is important to tighten the lengths well. Nothing then prevents them from loosening a bit for rendering bohemian .