71 Gorgeous Box Braids Styles and How to Care For Them

What are the box braids?

We braid hair since the dawn of time, so we found traces of braided hairstyles dating back to Prehistory! After a dazzling comeback in the 90s, the fashion of braids (or rather mats) does not seem to run out of steam. Realized with additions to three strands, box braids are simply African braids that leave the scalp to the desired length. Better than the adhesive or clip extentions (besides the “roots” side of the braids that I particularly like), the wicks (synthetic or natural) “knot” at the base of the skull then taking the hair to make the braid.

They can be larger or smaller depending on the desired style, but you should know that too small they will spoil your hair (especially when removed) and too big, they will not hold very long.

We treat the hair with box braids!

It’s not because you have braids that you must not heal your hair!

It is necessary :

– Moisturize each day, morning and evening, with a steamer in which you can put vegetable oil and mineral water.

– Shampoo once a week by massaging the scalp gently, not to mention the conditioner.

– Wrap them with a satin or silk scarf to sleep.

Twists, braids, colorful or sober, long or short, we can also make sculptural hairstyles that suit all moods and styles!