75 Cute Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles Inspired 2019

In the summer, we have only one desire: to have the neck released. That’s good, it’s the “blunt bob” (understand: “square net”) is the trendy hairstyle this season. A light cut that will charm more than one.

Unlike the lob or the degraded square , the “blunt bob” is a sliced ​​and short square. Perfect for those who are tempted by the boyish cut but will never jump. This square right that stops below the ears will be a good compromise. A classic cut, retro even cult but yet nothing old.

“In summer, do what you like,” they say. The opportunity to change the cut and move to a shorter hair. The “blunt bob” then stands out as evidence to let breathe his face and nape.

A hairstyle so 90’s whose figurehead could be Anna Wintour, who displays this cut as far as we can remember. Today, it is Lucy Hale (“Pretty Little Liars”) or Emma Stone (“La La Land”) who have been seduced by the “bob blunt” and are inspiring.