77 Hottest Bob Hairstyles that Look Great on Everyone

Today, we are addressing the topic of short haircut and we are looking at a series of 20 short-cut women’s crop ideas centered around the pixie and the square.

These two types of short haircut are among the most popular ideas and among those most often selected by the hairdressers of the stars. We understand why they are so popular now! You will see, there are a thousand variants of hairstyle woman short hair inspired pixie or square.

They adapt to a variety of hair colors and face shapes, while highlighting the natural beauty of those who wear them. Let yourself be seduced by the pixie and the square right or dive and find the woman short haircut that suits you best!

Short Hairstyle Woman Hair Ideas Around The Pixie Cup

The pixie cut is one of those short hairstyle ideas that never go out of fashion.¬†Simple and natural, this short hair woman’s cut was introduced in the world of fashion and cinema in the 1950s and 1960s. It has been made popular by stars such as actresses Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow or even as models like Twiggy.

The short hair hairstyle inspires innumerable longer or shorter variations. They vary according to the desires but also the next cut that made us crack … Yes! Some variations of the pixie cut are ideal for those who let their hair grow!

The different options of pixie inspired short hair hairstyle offers us several advantages. Below we list a few of them.

The benefits of hairstyle woman short hair pixie inspiration

The pixie hair short haircut comes in a curly hair variant! Ideal for every day, it also adapts easily to more formal occasions. And we can even wear it in effect disheveled. What’s better for those who dream of a short hair hairstyle that does not require the intervention of a straightener?