77 interesting curly hair photos

To have beautiful curls in good shape, your hair must be well hydrated to keep all their punch. You want to know the implacable theorem and the secret of the gods: Naturally curly hair is necessarily very well hydrated. Which products to use for this essential hydration ? The homemade care concocted with vegetable oils are very recommended.

For the most lazy or the most overbooked, you can also opt for the purchase of a mask. The latter must be without silicone. Do not forget the application of its miracle products at least once a week. the right tactic? a good half hour to spend her hair under a hot towel . It must suffer to be beautiful and have beautiful curly hair. Some elegant women do not hesitate to wear it all night long! When taking a shower, do not forget to apply a conditioner.

Latest Tips: Summer and winter are the two most treacherous seasons for your curls. Sun and UV in summer, or cold desiccating in winter do not mix well with your pretty hair. Same for the sea or the pool, Sea water or chlorine are not necessarily your friends.