77 Unbeatable Long Box Braids to Explore

They can be worn on smooth or curly hair. Made from natural lengths or from extensions, these braids are free or in a more sophisticated hairstyle.

Adopted for their practicality (especially on very curly or frizzy hair that they protect) but also aesthetic, box braids – the whole of the hair is plaited in a multitude of braids more or less thick are worn short or long, Thin or thicker, depending on taste and taste.

How to make box braids?

Before deciding to wear box braids, we must already know how to achieve: in the living room, or braiding oneself? It will cost on average fifty euros to be styled boxing braids in specialized salons, especially if you want to wear highlights wicks.

If we have the hand, we can braid the hair itself but it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience since this hairstyle is very long to realize: 5h on short hair, and more than 10h on long hair …

Well hydrate her hair, even braided

The advantage of this hairstyle: it takes between 3 to 4 weeks depending on the type of hair. Attention, that does not mean that we must neglect the maintenance of his hair. If the shampoos can be more spaced out (only one per week is enough), it is necessary to think to well hydrate its lengths with the help of oils or adapted hair products in order to prevent any breaks related to braiding, in particular if the hair is naturally dry.