78 Bob Hairstyles To Inspire You To Go For The Chop

The lob or long square, the trendy haircut of the moment

As you can imagine, the lob is not a mere invention of the fashion world! This is indeed the contraction of two English words “bob” (square) and “long”, understand long square .

This iconic classic haircut from the 1920s has not ceased to cross generations. Length, color, nature of hair … the cut squared is revisited according to the times. Timeless hairstyle, it brings a je ne sais quoi of chic and elegance. Moreover, as a high priestess of fashion, Anna Wintour has never left his famous square smooth bangs .

In 2018, the lob takes more modern paces. The length comes close to the shoulders and the square is worn wavy, smooth or even degraded, for a casual chic look.

In short, if you want to change haircuts without risk, the lob is, among all hair hairstyles, a safe bet.

How to wear the lob according to the shape of the face

The good news is that the lob is for everyone . Whether you have a round face, square jaw or prominent cheekbones … the lob will delight you! The long square cut refines the face and immediately gives style to a look too wise.

  • If the long square suits all profiles, it is advisable for round faces to opt for the wavy version of the lob to bring volume to the face.
  • Square faces will opt for a nice lob plunging to soften their features and emphasize the eyes.
  • The oval faces will be able to have fun of the long square, the harmony of the face offers an infinite declination without any restriction!

The lob, a long square that adapts to all types of hair

Neither too short nor too long, the lob is the ideal cut for all women who want to keep their hair length. The mid-length cut gives a touch of pep’s to a style of everyday without sacrificing hair.

Better still, the long square fits all types of hair. Whether you have straight, curly or even wavy hair, the long square is easy to style. Fine hair loves it for the volume it brings.

The less daring can rest assured, the lob cut is easy to wear.The long square cut offers a multitude of possibilities that can be declined diving, degraded or even nicely colored.

Little more? The lob is suitable for both large and small!