80 Bob Hairstyles To Give You All The Short Hair Inspiration

Its success is such that we saw flowering different variations of the bob: the wob with Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Emma Stone in 2015, and in 2016 it is the turn of Léa Seydoux or Cara Delevingne to propose a new adaptation in long version: the Lob is born.

Bob , lob , wob  : it’s not easy to navigate . To enlighten us on these hair trends and help us make the right choice for the version that sierra best to our sweet face, we interviewed our favorite hairdresser, the adorable Loris Hug  salon Super Hair Star , always available to distill his pro tips.


The advantage of bob is that depending on the type of hairstyle, it adapts to all morphologies. It’s a bit like our chameleon of hairdressing. The key is to respect the length because the bob meets certain aesthetic rules: your points must be between the middle of your neck and the bottom of your jaw (yes it is very precise). You can also decorate a fringe, but this is not mandatory.

Regarding different morphologies, everything is a question of harmony and balance of volumes. Here is what Loris recommends:

For elongated faces  : create the volume rather on the side by deporting your hair.

For small faces  : avoid the bangs and disengage your pretty face by styling your hair rather to the back.

For stronger faces  : the fringe is your asset and styling will be closer to your cheekbones to soften the features.

For round faces  : it will create volume on the top of the head to lengthen the face.