81 Charming Stacked Bob Hairstyles That Will Brighten Your Day

The classic bob hairstyle, but futuristic. In addition to the wild wavy hair and the falsely neglected squarer that are now on the streets, the bob hairstyle is a discreet entry into the look of the most fashionable fashionistas. Famous in the 1980s when Mireille Matthieu was at the peak of her career, this bowl cut was a classic for all women and girls.

Today, the bob hairstyle is making its comeback. This type of hairstyle results in a long bang showing only part of the eyes, and is also an alternative to an approximate short cut.

Propelled by Rihanna or Victoria Beckham, it has several variants to choose according to the length and characteristics of her hair.

The bob bob gives volume to fine hair with an asymmetrical, shorter length and enhanced at the nape of the neck.