82 fantastic hairstyle tutorials for naturally curly hair

If you want to get natural curly hair, you must follow some precepts essential to the success of the operation. Your hair should of course be gently washed so as not to cause an unwelcome drying of your scalp. then, after careful application of a good conditioner, you can start disentangling. Warning: do not do it dry!

You must start work with spikes. Take out the famous wide-toothed comb from your bathroom cabinet and carefully disentangle as you go by working a subtle and indispensable return to the roots. Now is the drying stage. After spinning, dry your hair gently by creasing a bit with your towel.

Avoid absolutely rubbing them even gently! Once your beautiful hair is dry, you will have a styling lotion that will allow you to fit your loops as naturally as possible . You can then carefully restore a little freedom to your hair by letting it dry well in the open air.