82 fun and sexy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

The right actions to style your curly hair

To have curly hair naturally there are some golden rules. Wash your hair gently so as not to dry the scalp, and detangle after applying a conditioner. Never dry! Always start with the tips, holding the rest of your hair so you do not pull on the roots. Use a broad-toothed comb and disentangle gradually as you ascend to the roots.

To dry your hair, wring out and dry them gently by creasing with the towel, and do not rub! Once your hair does not drip, you can apply a styling lotion that will help you structure your curls. Crease your hair by taking it in the palm of your hand, then put it back by closing your hand. Let it air dry by repeating this gesture from time to time to obtain beautiful curly hair !