83 Hottest Bob Haircuts for Every Hair Type

Good tips for adopting the long square

The long square, also known as lob, abbreviation for “long bob”, is the safe square. It is suitable for all forms of faces and particularly for square and round faces. Indeed, it softens their features by concealing them.

But some precautions are still to take! Avoid the combination square + fringe if you have the rounded face for example. On the other hand a fuzzy hairstyle will refine it more. Finally, if you have thick hair, dare the gradient to lighten your cut.

Lob: which cut to choose?

Longer than a classic square, the “long bob” brushes the shoulders like the beauty look of Kristen Bell, and sometimes even caresses less subtly as illustrated by Kim Kardashian. Kanye West’s wife takes the plunge and displays a sexy platinum blonde crushed wob !

Its advantage? It can easily adapt to highlight all types of hair and all morphologies. Depending on the needs, the long square can be plunging, tapered like that of Naomi Watts and Léa Seydoux, degraded or fringed. Moreover, the square with bangs is a must-have hair that Reese Whiterspoon and Alexa Chung have made their signature.

The most beautiful hairstyles to sublimate your long square

As malleable as regards the hairstyles, the lob can be declined according to all the desires and the styles, from the strictest to the most natural. The good inspiration? The stars on red carpet.

A copy for a look a bit stern and sexy: Rihanna and her smooth fringed square, but also Olivia Palermo and its fake bob effect. The girl hides her length under her coat giving the illusion of a sophisticated dipping square. Not to mention the wet look of Marion Cotillard.

A copy for a modern look, romantic and mischievous: the blurred square of Clémence Poésy, delicate and chic at the same time, or the crumpled mane of Emma Stone. His bohemian asset: a braid to dress his forehead! Side color dare tie and dye Jessica Alba. And for the most daring, its colorful version, the dip dye , will ensure a sharp look.

Do not hesitate, find the square that suits you !