88 Gorgeous Pixie Haircuts for Older Women

Who says new season, rhyme inevitably with change ..

To be in perfect harmony with the sun that begins to brighten our days, and to wear a new look trendy, feminine and sexy; nothing better than unveiling a new haircut.

Opt for a short haircut , and more precisely the pixie cut launched by the English model Pixie Geldof ! Round shape, this fresh cut, light and graphic is usually characterized by a large wick brought behind the ear with a very subtle gradient.

Perfect for giving character to your face, show the seductive woman hiding in you; the pixie cut adapts to all face shapes but also to all colors . There is a multitude of pixie styles , indeed it can be ruffled, plated, crumpled, curly, or bohemian!

If the pixie cut convinced you, here are 88 inspirations to find the one that suits you best ! It’s your turn !