90 easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

To have beautiful curls, there is no point in torturing your hair with aggressive styling products or curling irons. Discover how to sublimate your curly hair with equally effective natural methods.

The right accessories to get natural curls

The curly hair is not like other hairstyle. Banish the fine boar bristle brushes and fine combs. Opt instead for a comb with wide teeth, and never untangle your hair when dry. Preferably, avoid blow drying and leave your hair in the open air: heat is the enemy of fine hair! To keep hair curly natural, think of accessories that leave your hair free, not too tight.

Headbands or barrettes will allow you to dress your hair beautifully without flattening your curls. Always keep a styling lotion on you to redraw your curls at any time of the day, and avoid the unwanted appearance of frizz.