96 natural curly hairstyles

Well hydrated hair for natural curls

To keep beautiful curls, it is essential to prevent capillary dehydration and protect your hair so they maintain their vigor. Natural curly hair is well hydrated hair. You can opt for home care based on vegetable oils, or buy a mask made completely (without silicones). In any case, apply your care once a week, leaving for half an hour under a hot towel, or overnight if possible.

In the shower, do not forget to use a conditioner, which will moisturize your hair while facilitating disentangling. Take special care of your curly hair summer, when exposure to sun and sea water or chlorine can make them dry and brittle, and in winter, where the cold dries out your hair. For the shampoo, opt for products enriched with vegetable oil, and avoid cosmetics containing sulphates and silicones.