Long Box Braids: 67 Hairstyles To Upgrade Your Box Braids

The box braids I love! It’s my favorite long-term protective hairstyle! My mother braids me since small (maternal kind) so it’s not something new for me. I will give you some tips and advice that I collected over time, including blogs, pages, and all that I have learned over time.

1) Before you do them, you need to know several things:

-The choice of length and thickness:

Depending on the style you want to obtain you have the choice between different types of thicknesses. But you must be careful not to make too big braids or do not add too many locks otherwise you will end up with too much weight, so too much tension in the hairy scalp. Do not over-tighten the braids either, it can cause headaches and even small patches on your hairy scalp. The most important consequence is alopecia. But you have to find the right balance because braids that are not tight enough will not last long.

-The type of locks: I recommend X-pressure or the least expensive additions (about 2 €)

-Preparation of her hair: I urge you to make braids on freshly washed hair.

2) Tips on making:

-There are several ways to achieve them. I will not go into details since I am not an expert in different ways to braid. But aesthetic level you know that there are several kinds of layout.

You can make knots and then plunge the braids into boiling water or lightly burn the end of your braids and finally put elastics.

3) Maintenance:

Continue to maintain your hair for the duration of your braids: It is necessary to spray his hair with a mixture of water + vegetable oil quite frequently.

4) The shampoo:

You should continue to wash your hair about every week / every 10 days, insisting on the roots and not neglecting the rest of your hair.