New Bob Haircuts 2019 & Bob Hairstyles 25 Bob Hair Trends for Women

Does it happen to you too to have an irrepressible desire to change haircuts ? And this is where the great existential questions arise: I cut everything or I keep a certain length? With a fringe or a toupee? I dare such trendy cut or I stay in my comfort zone?

Here are 15 ideas of haircuts depending on whether you have short hair, shoulders or long, which should help you a lot to make your choice.

Short hair

Inspiration # 1: The pixie cut

This extra short cut will highlight the features of your face. In addition, with this cut, it is easy to play with the styles: classic, rock or asymmetrical. Small problem: the pixie cut requires regular visits to the hair salon for impeccable residence.

Inspiration # 2: The bob

What’s great about the bob, or the modern square cut, is that it suits all types of faces. We love! In addition, it is easy to comb in the morning. Your bob will give you a chic and casual look.

Inspiration # 3: The crazy curls

Do you have curly hair? Dare the short haircut! You can have fun with your hair: relaxed curls, tight curls, and why not a mix of two! The cool thing is that you can simply wrap a few strands around your fingers to comb your hair when your hair is wet.

Inspiration # 4: The bob pixie

Is it a pixie cut ? Is it a bob? Well, that’s all at once! This cut will allow you to display all aspects of your personality. We comb our hair on the side for a chic evening, we wave our hair for an evening with friends, and we show his rebellious side by shaving the side and / or the bottom.

Inspiration # 5: The bob with bangs

If you feel a need for change, but are not yet ready for the big transformation, the bob with bangs is a good alternative to test the world of the short haircut.

Shoulder hair

Inspiration # 1: The separation in the middle

Long shunned, the separation in the center is now back! Try it, it will charm you and you will probably want to keep it for a long time.

Inspiration # 2: The Square Cup

The square cut a classic that does not go out of style. And for good reason: it adapts easily to all faces and hair types. In addition to being ultra feminine, she frames her face beautifully. It is wavy or smooth.

Inspiration # 3: The Long Bob

As you already understand, the bob is THE haircut. We see it everywhere, many stars from here and elsewhere having adopted it. Feel free to chat with your hairdresser to find the bob length that best suits the shape of your face.

Inspiration # 4: We play with color!

Whoever says new cup often says new color. Tse, as long as you change, we go all in ! Indeed, you can also adopt a color gradient to give even more punch to your new cut. This shading effect will be as well on curly hair as it is wavy or stiff.

Inspiration # 5: The voluminous fringe

We take advantage of the new length of our hair to have a beautiful and long frank, worn on the side, will bring volume to our hair shimmering.

Long hair

Inspiration # 1: The Long Square

Because the square cut is not reserved only for shoulder hair! She is just as good with a long hair for a retro chic look.

Inspiration # 2: The asymmetrical cut

We reinvent the cup by playing with lengths and gradients. This cut will appeal particularly to fashionistas who do not like spending too much time on their hair. Both light and trendy, she is quick to style.

Inspiration # 3: Toupee and loops

Why not beautiful long curls on each side of the face for a more romantic look. Add a toupee or fringe to frame the face and your hair will not go unnoticed! Of course, it will take time to stiffen the bangs for a perfectly successful effect.

Inspiration # 4: Gradient

This relaxed hairstyle will give you a nice air of lightness. As a bonus, we will believe that you woke up with this beautiful hair as it seems not to require effort.

Inspiration # 5: Wavy hair

The wavy hair is the famous ” beach hair ” that gives a hyper natural look. This bohemian chic style will allow you to go from brunch to 5 to 7 with ease. To highlight the rippling of your hair, you can have a sweep, or a host of mini strands of color all over your hair.