The 99 Best Pixie Haircuts for Women in 2019

The pixie cut is the new trendy haircut! Put on the front of the stage thanks to Pixie Geldof (hence the name of this cup!), Many are now women who wear this short haircut. Here is an anthology of the most beautiful models of this cut boy, and as many reasons to dare the cut Pixie!

The pixie cut is truly a must-hairstyle. We tell you everything about this short canonnissime haircut !

The Pixie cut, what is it?

It was the top English Pixie Geldof who launched this fashion, like Karlie Kloss and the now famous Karlie cut .

But how to differentiate a pixie cut from a classic short cut ?

It is very simple. The Pixie cut is rounded, has a very subtle gradient and is usually characterized by a large wick brought behind the ear.

Result? A light and graphic cut at the same time that feminizes the well-known cut with the boy .

Many stars such as Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or more recently Michelle Williams proudly wear this new haircut.

The Pixie cut, for whom?

Good news: almost any face shape can have a pixie cut! Just twister the cup according to the shape of his face .

We explain ourselves. Those with square faces will see their features soften with the degraded locks that will surround the face …

Those with oval faces, however, will be able to flatten a large asymmetrical lock . Anyway on an oval face, everything is allowed!

Those who have round faces, finally, can juggle with different lengths especially on the top of the skull to precisely break the rounds.