Top 60 All the Rage Looks with Long Box Braids

I would like to make box braids, so I look for advice: Where to buy the wicks to add and how many packages? I do not live near a big city, so I search on the internet or by correspondence. Is it possible on smooth, thick hair? How long to plan to do them? How long do you keep them? Hard to undo?

You are right to inform you because it is a real process! Wearing hairstyles like box braids (braids with additions) implies first to choose the right size for your hair: if they are too heavy, it can hurt your head … even make your hair fall and create irritation. To avoid tugging, you should spray the scalp and massage every 2 days with a moisturizing and soothing spray.

For the number of packages, you would have to go to a specialized hair salon because I do not know the density of your hair or the final look you want to get, but we can read on the internet that in general 3 to 4 packets is it necessary. The X-pressure locks are reputable. See also tutorials to hold them because there are several techniques (elastic, burn or boiling water: be careful with an adult to avoid accidents!).

Finally, the ideal not to damage them is to sleep with a cap on the head: not always glamorous nor pleasant, nor practical…

Knowing that after about a month, with the regrowth, braids will ” go down “and that it will be necessary to think of remaking them.